Like WinWar, Love These

If you like WinWar II then you will love the following games, Check these must own games out at Amazon.

A fantastic game with almost the same concept as WinWar just allot allot better and more detailed. You can create your own nation where ever you want on the map expand it improve it or just build the biggest armies you want. Have the ability to win by diplomacy (In other words all the CPU players wanting you to win nice change), conquer the world early with warriors spearmen or invest in technology and use tanks stealth planes helicopters and many more. 5 Star Game

Civilization IV

I wasn’t sure about this game Civ 3 was a fantastic game and even though i had no doubt about Civ 4 being great there wasn’t allot that could be improved, but i was wrong. The looks take some getting used but after a while they are improved its easier to find your way around with simple touches guiding you to where your needed, better communications with the enemy and allies, more technology to invest in, the implement of religion and with that controlling how your people feel is allot more indebt than just adding an entertainer. 5 Star Game

Settlers 3

A slight difference to civilization that you control the individual buildings and trained men than the cities but the same concept, take over the rest of the map and eliminate your enemies. Truly one of the greatest games there are even for its age it is still very playable and doesn’t seem to have aged all that much

Settlers IV

More complex than settlers with more to mine and better soldiers can become time consuming and frustrating because the computer is much more aggressive and will attack you if you are slow at defending yourself. But still a good game very enjoyable. 4 Star

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