Tips & Tricks

I’m not an expert or anything at this game just a fan but these are my brief tips and tricks for playing and creating within WinWar.

WinWar Hints and Tips


  1. By making all of your units (Merchant ship right down to Jet fighter 16 in total) level 9 in the scenario editor your units will be next invincible in the game. In other words 2 infantry can defeat armies of 100’s good way to learn the game and practice/test scenarios.
  2. Always use global route for your resources to the zone with the most factories for fast and easier production of troops and units. But if this zone is on the front line then global route to a close but safe zone. Then cancel the auto route on the building zone and just auto route points when it’s safe to build straight away otherwise you will lose points when you are attacked.
  3. What more resources points at stages where it has cost you a lot of men to conquer a capital. Well if you add a random event in the scenario editor that gives you 200 resources point to every zone that is in your nation’s possession when that zone is conquered you will be able to replace them straight away in future.
  4. Use tactics to help you win, by controlling the large vital zones that block the enemies paths you can get more and more men into a defensive stance and this will give you a strong attack. For instance if you control Yorkshire & Lancashire in the 2000AD scenario and have control of Scotland and other northern zones it would make it impossible for enemies to attack you because all their men will have to defend more zones and leave there defence weak if you attack.
  5. When doing research your battle effectiveness will be much more improved if you have equal training levels of Air, Sea and land units, i.e. all V9 across the board.
  6. BEST CHEAT...Now with this technique you can doulble your spending points. First wait for some points to build up in one zone by using global route. Then Build just 1 Infantry. Then click to move your 1 man to a zone next to the one your on but before he moves open the build army screen. Then when he moves zones the points will transfer to the new zone so spend them because the screen will be open DONT close it. Then go back on the first zone and spend the points again or build 1 infantry and repeat the process get more and more men everytime you do this. NOTE because you have auto route on you will still see the brown movement of the resourses if they freeze while doing this close build screen and retry. EASY


Making Mapsets


  1. To make your own mapsets try downloading the Bitmap image i.e. Middle earth from the internet rather than drawing it. I like coping from for good quality and vast selection of designs. They will a lot of colour work to make them work.
  2. Importantly change the colours of the sea and land doing this will mean that your new bitmap will be compatible with the mapset editor.
  3. Using paint you can copy a small sea area and a small land area from old maps into your new maps. By doing this you can use the pick colour and fill paint the areas of different colour will mean all colours are suitable with WinWar. In my maps I only use 3 colours Blue, Brown & Black have only the 3 B’s of the same shading will reduce the hassle.
  4. If your Bitmap has details for lay of country’s for instance then leave them and create your zones on top so you get your zones very precise. Then after saving the map set edit the bitmap once more changing the colour of any detail into the same as your land colour and you will lose the lines in map set but keep the precise zones.
  5. Be sure that the maps are the 71 dots per inch, if they are not then select your entire image in paint, copy and paste into a working map file you already have and save as a new name this should solve the error.
  6. Try to make the maps dimensions dividable by 500 i.e. 2000x2500. By doing this if you want to add water to make more room around your land area you can do this putting in completely blue bitmaps 500x500 in the mapset editor.
  7. When making the land areas try placing the dots in an anticlockwise rotation that way you can easily define what co-ordinates are for which dot in every zone.
  8. Remember when making 2 zones next to each other all the dots must match up; the easy way to do this is to click highlight neighbours in the zone tab when on a zone. If an adjacent zone doesn’t light up then you have a miss-match in co-ordinates.
  9. When making a neighbouring zone that has a lot of dots to match up copy and paste the co-ordinates that are for dots that you will need for the new zone into notepad. Rearrange them in reverse order and past into a new points editor by clicking replace zone before hand. By doing this you will have skipped the long job of matching the dots.
  10. You will need to name all of your zones while you make them so have a rough idea of what you’re making.


Making Scenarios


  1. Input the information for your main powers first including the nation colours and diplomatic stances with each other. Once done save the scenario and exit reload and open the scenario in dong this designating the zones afterwards to the major powers will be hassle free.
  2. Every zone (apart from sea zones) needs to be designated to a nation if they are not then you can’t invade them.
  3. By making all the major powers imperial and fanatical they can invade neutral nations rather than relying on diplomacy to take control of zones. If you prefer that method then set your diplomatic value to 5 and you will have a lot more diplomatic power.
  4. If you give every zone a port on the main editor page then zones in land will make ships but not send them to sea, these zones are very hard to conquer and will require air support almost all the time so beware.
  5. If making you nation a stand alone nation then give your self your own alliance with just you as a member that way you can compare your progress with alliances as well as nations in the score history.
  6. Making victory conditions 95% - 99% of world domination make the game that little more difficult and enjoyable.
  7. Remember to give the major powers an AI to make it more competitive.
  8. Use General v2 as your AI is the best AI for most Scenarios.
  9. You don’t need to make flag files for your new scenarios if you don’t have one when it comes to playing the game WinWar will make one for you with blank flags.
  10. You must make sure every nation has a capital and only one otherwise the game may not finish. Also if there is a zone that currently is owned by one nation but you are the previous owner in the scenario editor, and it was made as a capital then when you capture it it will become a main capital so you can lose the game if you lose that zone.

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