WinWar II 4.0 Scenarios

Ok for those of you that know WinWar II 4.0 you will know that its a very addictive game and like some of you I’ve been playing it for about 4 years on and off. But only recently I’ve begun creating my own scenarios for the game, scenarios such as the UK 500AD and 2000AD, Square Island, 4 Leaf Clover and a few other edits of other people’s modifications. Now i want to be able to share not just my own scenarios but all of yours in the process, now I’ve only just begun creating mine but some of you my have been forming yours for years and although I’m a beginner it is so easy to do, so if you know the game and what to get more why not join me. You already have the mapset editors and the scenario editors with your package if not you can get them from sites such as so please join me.

Thank You, Daniel Knight.




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Hopefully this site will be up and fully working by January 2008, look forward to hearing from you and receiving your scenarios.



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